Sunday, December 20, 2015

Elder Haskell, December 7, 2015

So everything is going great! We are teaching three families that I am really excited for.  There are also some investigators who have been learning the gospel for a long time, and we love them.  I love the people here a lot!

Everything is going great here! I love my trainer.  I love being a missionary, and the routine is perfect.  I really like it!  I am eating lots of different food.

Elder Nathan E. Haskell, Roseville, CA

Elder Haskell, November 30, 2015


The mission has been very good so far! I love it here! It's kinda like Maryland weather-wise right now, so it's a little wet and a little cool, but not as humid.  It must have been dry all summer, though, because everyone's lawns are gone! 
When I first arrived, I got to meet my mission president, and I like him a lot.  He is really loving, which is good! But other than that, it was all instructional, and that was boring, but my first night here we stayed in a hotel, which was nice of them, and they did a lot to welcome all of the new people. 
The next night was when my mission really started! It was interesting: our lesson canceled but we had dinner with a member who took us to a sushi restaurant.  I had decided that I will never say "no" on my mission to food, so when the member asked if I was ok with sushi, I said "yes"! So, I ate some and it was ok.  I had like 5 or 6 roles, so I think I did well, and who knows, maybe I'll like it one day! But it made for an interesting first night. That was also the first night with my trainer, too, and I like him a lot.  He has been on his mission for 6 months and is from Rexburg.  His name is Elder Denney (yes, with two e's).  He is a good trainer. 
The next day was Thanksgiving! It was great!  Our zone did a service project at an older lady's house for a few hours and then ward ultimate frisbee, which was a really fun way too meet some new members! Then that night we had Thanksgiving dinner twice! Once at the bishop's and once at a member of the ward council's house.  That was good and filling, and yes I ate my vegetables! 
After that it was a lot more mission-like.  We met some investigators had some lessons and even met four investigators. It's been a great week! 
 I'm on a bike! I got a loner from the mission that I get to use for my whole mission.  Most times the bikes are pretty bad bikes, but mine is really nice!  But I like biking a lot.  It's really fun!
Elder Haskell

A few parting words, and then off to work....

Elder Nathan Haskell left Maryland with some fond farewells, and arrived in Utah November 10th, 2015.  He spent time with his brothers and their wives before spending two weeks in the MTC.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Called to Serve in Roseville, CA

Nathan was called to serve in the Roseville, CA mission.  He will be serving from November 2015-November 2017, entering the Provo, UT MTC on November 11, 2015.

Nathan went to the temple with his parents, sister, and brother-in-law on October 12th, 2015.

Nathan was set apart as a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on November 9th, 2015.  His parents, Stake President Brady, and Bishop Pearce were present.